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Over 50,000 hours of videos subtitled
Over 5000 hours of videos close-captioned
Over 3000 hours of videos dubbed


Our work viewed by
over 500 million people.


Languages: We cover most of them

Welcome to Zibanka...

Zibanka offers an entire spectrum of Media Process Outsourcing services to media and entertainment industry globally.

If it is related to audio and video, be it a technical task, be it creative work, be it related to broadcast or be it related to IP/Web, we can deal with it.

We are expert at closed-captioning, subtitling, dubbing, audio-mastering, video digitization and many other audio/video related activities.

Why take our word for it, look at some of work for yourself.


Over 5000 hours and counting
Our expert closed captioning team makes it easy for hearing-impaired audience to follow, understand, appreciate, and enjoy video programs...


Over 50000 hours and counting
A craft in itself, subtitling is a specialist's job. Inferring lexical connotations in the script and the cultural nuances on the screen are paramount...


Over 3000 hours and counting
The thumb rule to dubbing is, the better the quality, the lesser you will notice it. Equipped with a state-of-the-art studio, we can handle any language...

Case Studies

Closed Captioning

Zibanka is working on creating closed-captioning for both the current and historical content of ...

Quick turn around subtitling

A broadcaster needed to take its content to USA/UK and other territories within less...

Audio conformance

Conforming an Music and Entertainment track audio recorded to play with 24fps video rate...

Compliance editing

One of the major TV channel wanted to start a movie channel in UK. For this the film contents had to...

Why Us

Through the madness of creativity, constantly evolving technology and the streamlined process, we haven't forgotten how important the simple things are – the personal touch, attention to detail, openness, and honesty. Visit the Services page to find out how we could use our expertise to help you!


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