At Zibanka we lay great emphasis on creativity, right from the way we work to the product that we deliver. Language - in its broadest sense - permeates the video, sound and the performance. Our linguists, with their love for storytelling, know how to keep that feeling alive across languages and geography.

Attention to detail

Words that are fluently spoken are often charmingly misinterpreted when they appear on screen. Our understanding of global user preferences, attention to detail, and stringent quality checks ensure that every word we write conveys its intended meaning and hits the sweet spot.


Creativity alone can't fuel an organization. Our deep understanding of broadcast media and an expert team of technicians help us render services that are valued across the industry.


Ideas in the making is a romantic notion, but at the core of everything we do lies a process, that not only keeps us going but also helps us avoid glitches. At times it may prove to be vexing, but this process that runs like clockwork 24 hours a day, helps us deliver large projects with a short turnaround time to marquee clients.