All the content locked up in your vault is your most important asset. However, with the content locked up in tapes is not working for you.

Zibanka provides complete Media Asset Transformation services and Market Making services so that your content comes out of the vault and starts making money for you again. Also, Your content library needs to be protected from changing technology as well as wear and tear and consequent deterioration in quality that come with time. Digitization and creation of content library is first step towards better monetization and unlocking of your vault. It is also the best way to protect your content from regular wear and tear as well constant upgrade that is required with changing tape technology. This also a must to make sure that your content is more mobile and easily accessible to right stakeholders. For a Content Owner and Production Company, the completely digital and annotated library, can substantially improve concept generation, production process, and fulfillment process.

The Unlocking of Vault services consists of:

  • Vault Analysis – analyzing the status of the content by age, content cleanliness, and above all its monetizability. With the vault analysis, we will present you a complete plan and priority for unlocking your vault.
  • Transforming the Vault: Your vault will go through following transformation:
    • Quality Check
    • Audio and Video Correction and Restoration
    • Digitization
    • Tagging and Annotation
    • Library Creation
  • Monetization: Transformation of your content gets it ready for repeated and extended monetization through your normal channels or through our market making and Multi-Channel Monetization Services, such as Web-TV, On-demand DVD productions, specialized devices like In-flight entertainment system etc.

Zibanka offers services in implementing, enhancing and maintaining Broadcast IT systems. Some of the examples of the systems that we can implement are:

  • Broadcast Management System
  • Rights Management System
  • Digital Asset Management System
  • EPG System
  • Broadcast Business Intelligence
  • Revenue Optimization System